Apple Watch Service & Repair

No appointment required

Estimated Repair Time


Battery Service - 5 Day

Screen Replacement * - 5 Day

All Other Faults - 5 Day

Free Evaluation

  • Eligible Apple products only.  For some Apple products the official screen replacement repair process may be a whole unit replacement.


Being an Apple authorised service provider gives us access to apple genuine parts and our certified engineers can repair your product under Apples worldwide warranty (AppleCare). We will not void your Apple warranty.

Our Services

  • Apple warranty repairs
  • Out of warranty repairs
  • Accidental damage - Cracked screen, Liquid damage, Enclosure damage
  • Insurance Reports - Home & Commerical

The Process

  1. If you are local, please call in.
  2. If you cannot call in, request our collection service.
  3. We will inspect and diagnose the problem free of charge.
  4. We will provide you with a fixed price without obligation.
  5. If accepted, you are kept informed of the progress of your repair.
  6. Repairs are normally completed within 5 working days.
  7. When ready you can either collect your repair in person or have it delivered.
  8. All repairs come with a Warranty.

Battery Replacement Service

All Watch Models

£82.44 inc VAT

Getting the Apple Watch to us

Send in for Repair

Whether your device is in warranty or out of warranty, CAD can arrange a collection for your iPhone. Once repaired, we will return the Apple Watch back to you.

Bring in for Repair

If you prefer to cut out the time taken during transit with couriers, then you have the option to bring it to us in person to our High Wycombe location.  There is no need to make an appointment.  For contact details please click here.



Apple Watch Series 5

ModelBattery ServiceAll other faults
(GPS) Aluminum,
Apple Watch Nike Series 5 (GPS)
£ 82.44£ 286.44
(GPS + Cellular) (Aluminum),
Apple Watch Nike Series 5 (GPS + Cellular)
£ 82.44£ 336.44
Apple Watch Series 5 (GPS + Cellular) (Stainless Steel),
Apple Watch Series 5 Hermès
£ 82.44£376.44
Apple Watch Edition (Titanium)£ 82.44£496.44
Apple Watch Edition (Ceramic)£ 82.44£756.44

Apple Watch Series 4

ModelBattery ServiceAll other faults
(GPS) Aluminum,
Nike+ (GPS)
£ 82.44£ 286.44
(GPS + Cellular) (Aluminum),
Nike+ (GPS + Cellular)
£ 82.44£ 336.44
(GPS + Cellular) (Stainless Steel),
£ 82.44£ 376.44

Apple Watch Series 3

ModelBattery ServiceAll other faults
(GPS) Aluminum,
Nike+ (GPS)
£ 82.44£ 156.44
(GPS + Cellular) (Aluminum),
Nike+ (GPS + Cellular)
£ 82.44£ 226.44
(GPS + Cellular) (Stainless Steel),
£ 82.44£ 316.44
Edition (Ceramic)£ 82.44£ 756.44

Apple Watch Series 1 & 2 (2nd generation)

ModelBattery ServiceAll other faults
Series 1 (Aluminum)£ 82.44£ 192.44
Series 2 (Aluminum),
Apple Watch Nike+
£ 82.44£ 216.44
Series 2 (Stainless Steel),
Apple Watch Hermès
£ 82.44£ 236.44
(White Ceramic)£ 82.44£ 756.44

Apple Watch (1st generation)

ModelBattery ServiceAll other faults
Sport ,£ 82.44£ 192.44
Watch£ 82.44£ 236.44
Hermès£ 82.44£ 236.44


iPad iPod iPhone AppleCare

Apple Watch and Apple Nike+

£49 inc VAT

Apple Watch Hermès,

Apple Watch Edition

£55 inc VAT

Preparing the Apple Watch for service


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Repair & Battery service available