IT Support in High Wycombe

IT Support & Service for Business in High Wycombe

For SMEs in High Wycombe, CAD is the IT support you need for your business. Put yourself in our hands for all your IT needs. We deliver a highly efficient infrastructure.

Dedicated Services for High Wycombe

Email faults setup and configuration

Printer / peripheral setup

Spyware detection and removal

Network and wireless setup

Antivirus updates and monitoring

Backup monitoring and test restores

Monitoring hardware for signs of failure

Firewall updates and monitoring

Optimising systems for maximum speed

Monitoring disk space on workstations and servers

3rd party software liaison and support

Security patches applied for emerging threats

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The IT support you need for your company in High Wycombe


CAD will tailor a bespoke plan for your your business needs. Including a broad array of services, complete with an guaranteed SLA. With access to our expert engineers to ensure fast support, when you need it.

Current supported sectors
in High Wycombe




Estate Agency

Fast efficient results

Remote support is a cost-effective way of receiving IT support services for your business. With no waiting around or being charged for travel time for an engineer. Our remote sessions approximately last 15 minutes. This results in you getting back up and running much quicker than traditional site visits.

Security is key

CAD will only connect to your machines using secure software. Therefore the connection between our machine and yours is always encrypted. Further to this you are in control, you can terminate the remote connection at any time.

Unparalleled satisfaction rates

CAD has a high satisfaction rating of 4.8 / 5.0. Additional Apple's very own departing repair satisfaction was 98%. This shows the key to our success is our customer service and care.

Excellent customer relations

We’ve built our business with a core focus on looking after our customers and ensuring that they never want to leave!

The structured process we use to manage support tickets, assist customers and provide a truly personal style of support will put your mind at rest.

97% Customer Retention Rate

99% Customer Satisfaction Score

Home Users in High Wycombe

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Data Backup

It is a good idea to have a backup or two just in case. We can show you how to back up your data and keep it safe. We can also recommend a solution to suit you.

Data Recovery

We have Data Recovery Service for all types of secondary storage devices. We can securely get your data back if it get lost.

Operating System Configuration

We can assist you in installing software and also updating your operating system to the latest versions, so that you can always enjoy new features.

Hardware Repair

Having problems with your computer? We can replace old and faulty parts with new ones and make your system run as new. You can book-in any hardware faults direct with the Centre.

Factory Restore

We can help you in removing unwanted files and increase your computer speed. We will backup your data, restore your computer back to factory settings and then put your data back in its original place.

Network Repair

Did turning it off and on again not work? We can help with prompt diagnosis and resolution of the issue.

Virus Removal

CAD will attempt to remove harmful viruses without your data being compromised, you should always keep your data backed up regularly.

Email Configuration

CAD will set up your personal or work email on your devices, giving you the reachability you demand.

Home Setup

CAD can setup your new devices with your home internet ensuring they all communicate with each other.

Wireless Setup

We will guide you step by step on how to setup Wi-Fi so that you can enjoy internet on other devices. We will ensure your kids surf safely with Parental Control Setup. It doesn’t have to mean spoiling their enjoyment.

Printer Setup

Printers are a very important part of a home and work network set up. CAD are an Epson approved warranty centre and have the technicians on hand to help with complicated set ups, be it at home or work.

Home Tuition

Are you looking to learn more about how to use your computer or surf the Internet?

Our one-to-one tuition will allow you to set the schedule and pace of your learning experience with an expert professional. We can answer all of your Mac and PC questions.

Areas we can help...



The Internet and the benefits it can bring you.

Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Outlook and Teams

Printer, digital imaging and getting the best out of them.

Hybrid Users in High Wycombe

As well as providing repair services for most manufacturers, we have a wide range of home, onsite and hybrid user installation services to meet your needs.

Not ready for the 'work from anywhere' era? Don't worry, we can help. Not only do we provide support for the most recent technology, we’ll also ensure you are protected from equipment failure and increasingly sophisticated security threats.

Services for High Wycombe

Email faults setup and configuration

VPN setup and configuration

Spyware detection and removal

Network and wireless setup

Antivirus updates and monitoring

Backup monitoring and test restores

Monitoring hardware for signs of failure

Firewall updates and monitoring

3rd party software liaison and support

Printer setup

Peripheral setup

Security patches applied for emerging threats

With the ever changing times we live in, both working from home and in the office needs to be possible for your employees in High Wycombe and all over the country.

We can help make this possible and help with any concerns this may contain:

  • Supporting your employees with IT solutions for hybrid working
  • Office relocation
  • Updating currently outdated IT infrastructure and technology solutions holding the business back
  • Data protection concerns
  • Ever-increasing security threats

All Inclusive


IT Strategy


Fully Managed

Single Point of Contact

Although CAD is always happy to come to you in High Wycombe, it is sometimes more convenient for you if we do not, particularly in the current/past climate.

That is why alongside our onsite options, we offer online IT support helping home and business users remotely. We can facilitate in all aspects of remote working from the set-up of a secure VPN.

Hardware Installations and Maintenance in High Wycombe

CAD can manage your IT requirements, from the initial design to the finished implementation.

Computer Installation & Setup

Printer & Peripheral Installation & Setup

Modem & Router Configuration

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

CAT5 / CAT6 / Fibre Network Cabling Installation

On-Premise or Cloud Server Installation & Setup

Three Reasons to choose CAD

Minimal Disturbance

To you and your organisation, liaising direct with you to decide when and what time best suits your organisation. We work fast and we work with minimal noise and fuss.


We are close by to make any minor modifications or upgrades you need for your infrastructure.


With no hidden charges, your quote is fully inclusive and incorporates the initial survey, consultations, modules, face and back plates, cable, patch panels, labelling, labour and testing.

Sourcing a partner that you can depend on and that understands the technological requirements of a network installation, and the business impacts is easier said than done. This is where CAD can help.

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Data cables are used to transmit electronic information from a source to its destination.


No matter the size of your business, Infrastructure Cabling Experts are on hand to handle your project. We can install new network infrastructures or upgrade your existing networks.


We understand that this can often feel like an overwhelming task, so rest assured, our certified engineers are on hand to help implement all types of commercial data cabling services.


Our dedicated cabling team are certified CAT5, CAT 6 and Fibre Optic installers and provide cabling solutions to Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas. Our clients include a large database of corporate clients meaning you can have confidence in dealing with an established and experienced company.


Cost effective cabling solutions may not always be as they seem but using our highly experienced and professional team means that the little things that can cause major problems won’t be missed or forgotten about.

Managed Project Design

We carry out design, installation, integration and maintenance, providing a complete end-to-end service. This reduces the hassle and time for the client.


We Understand IT

Most network installation companies only install the network cabling. It’s then down to others to integrate the live equipment such as network switches, Wi-Fi equipment and end-user devices. We understand IT professionals’ complex needs and can provide an end-to-end service, unlike many of the network cabling contractors that we come up against.