IT Services & Support for Home Users

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Data Backup

It is a good idea to have a backup or two just in case. We can show you how to back up your data and keep it safe. We can also recommend a solution to suit you.

Data Recovery

We have a Data Recovery Service for all types of secondary storage devices. We can securely get your data back if it gets lost.

Operating System Configuration

We can assist you in installing software and also updating your operating system to the latest versions so that you can always enjoy new features.

Remote Support

Are you having problems with your computer? We can have one of our experienced technicians have a look for you. Visit our support page for more info.

Factory Restore

We can help you in removing unwanted files and increase your computer speed. We will backup your data, restore your computer to factory settings and then put your data back in its original place.

Network Repair

Did turning it off and on again not work? We can help with prompt diagnosis and resolution of the issue.

Virus Removal

CAD will attempt to remove harmful viruses without your data being compromised, you should always keep your data backed up regularly.

Email Configuration

CAD will set up your personal or work email on your devices, giving you the reachability you demand.

Home Setup

CAD can set up your new devices with your home internet ensuring they all communicate with each other.

Wireless Setup

We will guide you step by step on how to setup Wi-Fi so that you can enjoy the internet on other devices. We will ensure your kids surf safely with Parental Control Setup. It doesn’t have to mean spoiling their enjoyment.

Printer Setup

Printers are a very important part of a home and work network setup. CAD is an Epson approved warranty centre and have technicians on hand to help with complicated setups, be it at home or work.

Home Tuition

Are you looking to learn more about how to use your computer or surf the Internet?

Our one-to-one tuition will allow you to set the schedule and pace of your learning experience with an expert professional. We can answer all of your Mac and PC questions.

Areas we can help...



The Internet and the benefits it can bring you.

Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Outlook and Teams

Printer, digital imaging and getting the best out of them.

"The reason our clients come to us and stay with us is for our prompt response, our great communication, patience and a proactive approach to maintaining their Home IT."