IT Services & Support for Hybrid Users

As well as providing repair services for most manufacturers, we have a wide range of home, onsite and hybrid user installation services to meet your needs.

Not ready for the 'work from anywhere' era? Don't worry, we can help. Not only do we provide support for the most recent technology, but we’ll also ensure you are protected from equipment failure and increasingly sophisticated security threats.


Email faults, setup and configuration

VPN setup and configuration

Spyware detection and removal

Network and wireless setup

Antivirus updates and monitoring

Backup monitoring and test restores

Monitoring hardware for signs of failure

Firewall updates and monitoring

3rd party software liaison and support

Printer setup

Peripheral setup

Security patches applied for emerging threats

Making remote work possible

With the ever-changing times we live in, both working from home and in the office needs to be possible for your employees.

We can help make this possible and help with any concerns this may contain:

  • Supporting your employees with IT solutions for hybrid working
  • Office relocation
  • Updating currently outdated IT infrastructure and technology solutions holding the business back
  • Data protection concerns
  • Ever-increasing security threats



IT Strategy


Fully Managed

Single Point of Contact

On-site and remote support

Although CAD is always happy to come to you, it is sometimes more convenient for you if we do not, particularly in the current/past climate.

That is why alongside our onsite options, we offer online IT support helping home and business users remotely. We can facilitate in all aspects of remote working from the set-up of a secure VPN.