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Jamf Managed Service Provider

CAD is a Jamf managed service provider meaning we can help you manage all your organisations Apple products with the power of Jamf's services.

Jamf is the industry standard when it comes to the management of iPhones, iPad, Macs and Apple TVs. It can be used to set up and pre-configure new devices, improving the user experience out of the box. Additionally, Jamf can be used to reset, re-purpose, and recover mobile devices and computers.


Jamf Pro

Apple device management for IT Pros

Jamf Pro enables IT to bring the legendary Apple experience to businesses and schools. Designed to empower users to be self-sufficient, IT has the right solution to maintain command of their Apple fleet while delighting users.

The standard in Apple enterprise management

Jamf is trusted by 50,000+ businesses, schools and hospitals to maximize their Apple initiatives. They help organizations succeed with Apple. With sole focus on the Apple ecosystem, industry leaders across the globe choose Jamf to:

  • Automate the entire lifecycle of Apple management.
  • Personalize Apple devices to a specific user’s needs.
  • Preserve the Apple device experience users demand.
  • Access the largest Apple IT community on the planet.

Apple in the Enterprise

As of January 2021, Apple makes up nearly a quarter of all deployed enterprise devices. Companies that deploy Apple technology reduce their hardware, software and operational costs while at the same time improving employee performance and engagement.

As Apple device usage continues to rise, the need for an Apple Enterprise Management solution has never been greater. Meet Jamf Pro, the industry-leading solution for managing Mac, iPad, iPhone and AppleTV.

Jamf Pro empowers professional IT administrators. Allowing powerful workflows for inventory, app management and security that save valuable time while also protecting end-user privacy. Best of all, Jamf Pro preserves the world-class Apple experience that end-users know, love and expect in the workplace.

Apple + Jamf means time saved for admins

90% less time spent managing applications

80% less time spent provisioning devices

65% less time spent managing policies and settings

15% reduction in the volume of help desk tickets

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Jamf Now

Easily Manage Your Apple Devices

Jamf Now is a cloud-based Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution for the Mac, iPhone and iPad devices in your school or workplace.

Jamf created Jamf Now as a simple, intuitive way for anyone to set up, manage and protect Apple devices, anytime from anywhere.

Features of Jamf Now:


Automate device enrollment to eliminate tedious manual setups.


If a device is lost or stolen, it can be remotely locked or wiped completely.


Configure your devices to automatically join your secure wireless networks.


Keep track of device settings with current details and status reports.


Distribute free apps or ones purchased in the VPP store to devices.


Automatically configure company email accounts to all of your devices.


Create multiple Blueprints to define different settings and apps for different devices within your deployment.


Lock your supervised iOS or iPadOS device to a single app to focus the device for a specific need such as for point-of-sale or a kiosk in retail locations.

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Jamf Protect

Endpoint protection built exclusively for Mac

Developed exclusively for macOS, Jamf Protect provides a complete solution to maintain endpoint compliance, monitor for, respond to, and remediate security incidents on macOS with minimal impact to the device and end-user experience.

The Protect Advantage

Prevent macOS malware and detect Mac-specific threats

Monitor compliance of macOS with minimal impact to end-users

Respond to and remediate security incidents on macOS

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Jamf Connect

Streamline Mac authentication and identity management

In an increasingly hybrid workforce, with employees working from different locations on different devices, organizations need to be able to manage and secure those devices and their company information without the challenges of binding to on-premises Active Directory. With Jamf Connect, a user can unbox their Mac, power it on and access all of their corporate applications after signing on with a single set of cloud-identity credentials.

Solving provisioning and identity challenges

Jamf Connect allows for simple user provisioning from a cloud-identity service using an Apple workflow, complete with multi-factor authentication:

Account provisioning

Jamf Connect gives users the ability to access their Mac device and their applications with a single identity, providing an improved user experience during setup and day-to-day logins -all without the need for multiple accounts or binding to Active Directory.

Identity management

Jamf Connect requires a cloud identity username and password, giving IT Admins the ability to monitor who is accessing devices, to leverage cloud admin permissions to service machines, and to maintain security and compliance standards across all devices and users.

Password synchronisation

Jamf Connect ensures a user’s cloud-identity passwords are synchronised down to the local account level on their device, even when the password is changed.


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